Build and grow the leading InsurTech hub in Switzerland

The Swiss InsurTech Hub is a non-profit association with the mission to build and grow the leading InsurTech Hub in Switzerland.

We create, nurture and foster an open, inclusive and collaborative ecosystem for InsurTech in Switzerland, creating a measurable impact for incumbents, start-ups, investors and public bodies.

We enable and foment the dialogue and exchange of the diverse participants of the ecosystem, including innovators, experts, partners, academics and diverse technologies, from Switzerland and around the world.

We drive thought leadership, innovation and transformation.

The need

The world has changed. Insurance barely…

We are living in a time of unprecedented, constant and profound change. And it is accelerating daily. It is not only about digitalization and technology. New technologies are the catalyser for a much more profound change. Technology is changing the way we inform ourselves, interact, transact… Our expectations and behaviours. And all of these changes are taking place in a world of rapidly shifting risk scenarios, regulatory changes, and historically low interest rates. While we are still getting our heads around all of these changes, emerging technologies such as AI and Blockchain have barely started to show their potential, anticipative of a tectonic shift in the role technology plays in our society, industry
and economy.

The insurance industry is reacting to these changes slowly. The field is open for disruption. The largest risk to current insurance companies are not other insurance companies. Probably not even start-ups in the field. The largest risk are non-insurance players as well as simply obsolescence. In order to stay relevant, the entire industry needs a new way of thinking. Broad thinking. Open thinking. Collaborative thinking. Inclusive thinking.

The Swiss Insurance industry

Switzerland has traditionally played -and still plays- a disproportionate important role in the global insurance market. But it is not too big to fail. True innovation in the market is nowhere to be seen. Digitalisation is mostly being treated as a cosmetic application towards target customers. Most start-ups in Switzerland tend to focus rather on FinTech than InsurTech. The market seems to be too clearly and strongly divided among incumbents for new players to find an entry.

The relationship status between technology and insurance, InsurTech, is currently at best in its flirting state. It has not even really started dating, let alone understanding, that a true commitment to one other is the only possible way forward. There is so much we can learn from other industries, especially finance and FinTech, starting now to flourish right before our eyes. It is time to take that relationship to the next level.

Our credo

We believe that Switzerland deserves to retain its leading position in the global insurance market.

We believe that technology and insurance belong together.

We believe that transformation and innovation, catalysed by technology, but centred around the customer, is the answer to the success of the industry.

We believe that start-ups and incumbents are stronger together: It is not about David against Goliath but combining the strengths of David AND Goliath.

We believe that collaboration, transparency and inclusion, are the behaviours and values for success.

We believe in an open ecosystem.

We believe in the potential of Swiss InsurTech.

Our offering

Thought Leadership content

Networking events & speaker series

Workshops & training sessions

Start-up scouting and pitch events for start-ups and investors as well as incumbents

Mentoring & consulting by top management for our member companies (performed by external companies)

Year 2: State-of-the-art knowledge in collaboration with universities and research

Year 2: Hackathons

Year 2: Swiss Insurtech Award