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An annual membership fee and active participation will enable you to join us in building and shaping the Swiss InsurTech Hub. Membership will provide increased opportunities to showcase your expertise and innovation, visibility to VCs for funding, and the ability to build a strong network with incumbents and other start-ups. Reach out to learn more about our attractive fees and take advantage of our early bird offers.

  • ZBe part of the ecosystem

    Actively shape the Swiss-focused global Insurance ecosystem

  • ZLinks to institutions

    Links to universities, research labs and institutions

  • ZMentorship

    Become a Member

  • ZImproved access to funding

    Dont’t wait more

  • ZAccess to incumbents

    Get access to resources from SIH partners

  • ZNetworking events & speaker series

    Increased visibility by being featured at events!

  • ZExchange of Thought Leadership

    Share your Thought Leadership knowledge

  • ZGlobal network

    Broad network access

  • ZWorkshops and training sessions

    Obtain the mentorship and a dedicated coach

  • ZStart-up scouting and pitching

    Events with investors and incumbents


We are proud to have the following start-ups join us, together with like-minded experts, incumbents, disruptors, academia and investors from across the globe, on this journey to digitalize and innovate the insurance sector in Switzerland.

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Thank you for your interest in the Swiss InsurTech Hub!