Global risk round table

A great opportunity to listen to John Scott sharing with us key take aways from the WEF Global Risks Report 2023 with Pasquale Merella facilitating the discussion and sharing his expertise in risk from a business perspective.

Keeping up with the times

Hybrid insurance product for the luxury watch industry.Web3 and Blockchain. Are you curious to know how Metaverse customer experience and NFTs leverage the exclusive product positioning in the watch industry? Are you interested to learn how physical and digital assets can be jointly insured as part of the same product? Join us for an interesting […]

Meet Our Member Start-up Series #3 delivers AI-based Intelligent Document Processing solutions that help insurances and brokers process unstructured documents without the need for data science experts. Based on its approach to natural language understanding, solutions automatically search, extract, compare and classify information more accurately, and provide faster time to value. Join us to meet Francisco Webber and to […]

Meet Our Member Start-up Series #2

Profilo Assicurativo è una piattaforma di consulenza assicurativa full digital che, grazie al proprio algoritmo proprietario, è in grado di elaborare una consulenza assicurativa completa ed evidenziare prima i consigli utili per limitare l’esposizione al rischio del singolo e poi, raccolti quelli di interesse, proporre i prodotti corrispondenti profilo di rischio e capacità di spesa. […]

Future of Insurance in Switzerland: Distribution & Bancassurance

One of the most significant developments in European financial services over the past 30 years has been the increasing convergence of banking and insurance in the retail area. This trend towards bancassurance refers primarily to banks entering the insurance sector by offering insurance products to their retail customers. In some European countries (e.g., Spain, France) […]

Meet Our Member Start-up Series #1

Lokky is a new technology platform for the insurance sector that offers tailored products for small entrepreneurs. Designed and built by industry professionals, Lokky adopts new technologies to analyse customer requirements and understand their real insurance needs, automatically identifying the right products to manage business risks. Join us to hear Sauro Mostarda to learn more […]

Digital Ethics & Trust

According to PwC, AI could contribute up to $15.7 trillion to the global economy in 2030, more than the current output of China and India combined. Digitalization touches every aspect of our lives as humans in the 21st century, from shopping to social relations to even psychological meaning-making. This is great; however, it carries risks, […]

Behavioural Finance and Investments

What is Behavioural Finance about? How do our cognitive biases influence our decisions incl. spending and saving habits? How can this be used by companies to build meaningful relationships with their customers? Join our knowledge-sharing session to understand the potential of Behavioural Science in building extra-ordinary Customer Experience and watch examples of real use cases! […]

InsurTech Market in Switzerland

The Swiss insurance market is a world insurance hub, with one of the highest penetration (8.4% ) and expenditure per capita ratios ( 6 835 USD) in the world. In addition, insurance industry plays an important role in the Swiss economy. According to the Swiss financial centre report, Swiss insurance market generated in 2020 gross […]